Historical Fiction

A Man Called Jack: Jack the Ripper Stories
If there's one thing more captivating than a serial killer, it's a serial killer who was never caught. Historians and scholars have theorized for many decades as to the identity of the man known only as Jack the Ripper. This collection features some authors who have joined them, by penning their own ideas as to who this mysterious figure was and why he did what he did.

The Rumors of My Life Are Greatly Exaggerated: Fictionalized Biographies
Is it possible to know everything about someone without really knowing them? These fictionalized biographies take you beyond what you learned in history class to imagine the behind-the-scenes lives for these historic figures. From showcasing Lincoln's grief after his son's death to fleshing out the character of Einstein's wife, these stories take you beyond textbook facts to deliver an emotional and wondrous tale.