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Every Day Is Caturday: Fact and Fiction Featuring Our Feline Friends
Christopher Walken once said, "I really like cats." Whether you agree with him or merely like to admire cats through the pages of a good book, these reads are sure to tickle your fancy. Deep-dive into murder mysteries, fun trivia, and humorous prose in this collection all about cats.

Read It Here First: Literature Becoming TV In 2018
If you're someone who likes saying they read it before it was popular, then check out this collection of books that are being turned into TV programs for 2018. From adeptations of classic literature like Vanity Fair, to newer thrillers like Murder Games, there is a wide variety coming to your living room this year.

Books Behind Broadway: Litature Inspirations for the Greatest Musicals of All Time
It's common knowledge that Les Miserables was a book before it hit broadway and eventually the big screen, but you might be surprised to learn about the other books in this collection. Did you know South Pacific was a book before it was a play? Or that Cabaret was inspired by a novel? Take a look in this collection to see what you can discover!