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Every Day Is Caturday: Fact and Fiction Featuring Our Feline Friends
Christopher Walken once said, "I really like cats." Whether you agree with him or merely like to admire cats through the pages of a good book, these reads are sure to tickle your fancy. Deep-dive into murder mysteries, fun trivia, and humorous prose in this collection all about cats.

Books Behind Broadway: Literature Inspirations for the Greatest Musicals of All Time
It's common knowledge that Les Miserables was a book before it hit Broadway and eventually the big screen, but you might be surprised to learn about the other books in this collection. Did you know South Pacific was a book before it was a play? Or that Cabaret was inspired by a novel? Take a look in this collection to see what you can discover!

Inspirational Fiction: Light-hearted tales with religious tones
If you're looking for a refreshing story that will leave your heart full, take a look at this list! These Christian authors weave tales of mystery, romance, and family that are a perfect read for any occasion. 

Best Books of 2018 (so far!)
The cold weather might be blowing in, but that doesn't need to stop you from curling up with a hot read! Check out these fiction and nonfiction adult books in this list to see what's been taking the literary world by storm in 2018.